Welcome 2015

Well, here we are at the start of a new year. I did say a couple days ago that I wanted to post on here more then I have been……Yeah witch was like never. LOL So here I am writing while I have four little girls jump and dance around my front room. They are going crazy while they also watch my Hubby play with his little helicopter he got for Christmas. HAHAHA Some days are just great here.

Ok so here we go what is going on right now that will make me go crazy…..maybe. Well last night I was able to log onto my online college site for the first time as a official student. Yeah talk about being a bit nervous. I started some work last night before passing out. I just figured since I have the chance to jump into it now I should take advantage of it.

Today is a new start for me. At least that is how I am looking at it. 2014 was not one of the best years I have had. So much bad happened and I am hoping that with the closing of the year I can put everything to rest that has happened.  Don’t get me wrong there has been some really good things that have happened this year too. The hardest thing I have had to do this past year was say goodbye to a close friend of mine that I had for 22 years. My heart broke not only because of her passing but she married our long time friend and an ex of mine. There only had about a year of being married when she was taken from him. My friends that I grew up with….well our group is very close and more like family. None of us could stand thinking that one of our own was taken from us at such a early age.

With all that bad there was good also. I have met some GREAT people this year. Fellow readers and even some people that are just as kinky as me if not more.  Yes, before I go any further I really should let you all know what everyone that is close to me knows. I am a Daddy’s little girl. I am a submissive. Hubby is my Daddy Dom. Look down on it if you want I have learned not to care. This is what makes us happy and that is all that matters. Anyways, I have some great friends in the lifestyle. Krissy Bee has become such a wonderful friend and a great help to me. Then there is Anita and Kasey Subbie. there are just a couple of the wonderful group of new friends I have made. I made a new best friend this past year too. Taz Doe…What can I say about this woman. She is my London Evil Twin. I love this woman so very much. I think the only other female I have loved this much was my ex girlfriend. Witch I still love my Chicky Buffer to. I also will. But Taz has been my rock this past year and I would have been lost without her. We both just know what the other is feeling even when we are not talking. We just know when the other needs us.

Another great thing this year is that is was another year with my kids and the love of my life. My kids Kendall and Jazlynn drive me crazy and make me smile at the same time. They are growing us so fast that I feel like if I blink I am going to miss something. Kendall is in the 1st grade this year and it is better then last year so far. She is learning how to read and I need to make sure I am taking more time to help her to read even more. Now Jaz, well what can I say about her. She is our evil child. Had NO luck with the potty training. I have been trying and she turns 4 on the 10th. I am about out of ideas to try with her. Well here is to a new year and new hope hahaha. My Husband….what can I say about this man. He is always thinking of the girls and me first. He does everything he can for us and I could never thank him enough. He also is such a big mental support for me. He backs me on all my crazy ideas. HAAHA there’s true love right there.

What else is going on this year. More books coming out to be read and beta read. Books have become a passion for me. I LOVE reading and there is a small group that I seam to stick with and have loved getting to know them this year. I got to meet Kallypso Masters, Annabel Joseph, Red Phoenix, Kennedy Layne, Cheries Sinclair, Eliza Gayle, and Lexi Black at KallypsoCon 2014. I was lucky enough to be asked to be the PA for Annabel for the event. Talk about unbelievable!! They are all such fun and we all made so many memories. Kally even said since this is my town I was kind of like the rep for Everett for the event. All the authors we so kind and gave me a big head by laughing at everything I said. It was such a great weekend. It felt like an old group of friends that were getting back together. Everyone was there goofy fun selves. And NONE of us will ever think of Sasquatch the same again EVER. HAHAHA

I also got to meet Lainey Reese this past year. Gosh meeting her was a dream come true. I have been reading this woman’s books for a few years now and she lives here in WA. We met up for dinner one night and had so much fun just talking and laughing. I love this woman’s books so much that  I came to her a year ago and told her about the idea of a street team for her and here we are one year later and we have around 50 some Lainey’s Ladies. I have had a BLAST doing this. Along with making teasers for my loved authors and pimping the crap out of them. Annabel Joseph dedicated a book to me calling me her favorite Facebook pimper. lol I love her….. And then there is also Andrea Smith who is such a blast. She has named me in a couple books as one of her close Facebook friends with a small group of other ladies. I can not forget Teresa Reasor. She is so quite but her books speak so loud. Now if you are looking for a good book to read anything by any of these ladies you all would love. There is also Angel Payne who has some hot as hell books also the no one should go without reading. Yes I am a huge BDSM/Erotica fan girl. hahaha.

So with this year now starting and we have a clean slate I am excited to see what this year has to bring and I am hoping to keep you all up to date on what things happen along the way.



The End Of 2014

As 2014 comes to an end I find myself looking back on what has gone on in my life. I made a GREAT friend that lives in a different country then I do. Taz has become one of my best friends. She has gotten me through some really hard times. There are so many new friends I have made through out this year too. I have been to KallypsoCon and helped with it even!!!! Talk about cool. I have had sugery on my knee it has been hell and has gotten better and now starting to hurt again. LOL My oldest daughter is in the 1st grade. I have lost a friend I had for 22 years in a car accident and I have decided to start school come the new year.
Taz what can I say about her. She is my British twin through and through. She has helped me along with my Hubby through a death that hit me so very hard. She has been there when I have been mad, sad, happy and crazy tired. She has 3 kids to my 2 but they all act like each other. The crazy thing is that out of everyone in this whole world we found each other. We found another person that thinks and acts the same. HAHAHAHA I am now helping her through a death in her family. But that is what we do, we are there for each other, its how we roll.
My book this year have been my safe haven I guess is what you could call it. I have been doing soooo much more with it. I NEVER thought I would be one of those lucky people that get to know the authors that they read and love. I have had a book dedicated to me by one of my favorites. That just blew me away. Then when I took a closer look I have my name in the dedication in a couple other books by another author that I love so much. I have spent a weekend with 5 authors of BDSM erotica books. Man was that a fun and crazy weekend. I got to be the PA for Annabel Joseph. I have gotten into beta reading and I am an admin for a author street team room on Facebook. I have come to love making teasers for there books and they love that I do it for them and ask nothing in return. I never could the fact that I get the chance to do something like this may not be a big thing to others but to me it is so crazy.
This past year my knee pain had gotten out of control. When I got to that breaking point I talked to my doc and got the call rolling on what I could do for it. Well….. surgery is what I was told. So come the end of May I went in and had my knee done. Man it puffed up big time after that. Had it drained after about a week and they took 2oz of fluid out of my knee that day. OMG that was so much pain. But in time it did finally get better. But now coming to the end of the year it is acting up again. I dont know if I can go through all of this again. The pain gets so bad but we will see what happens.
I have two beautiful little girls and my oldest is in the 1st grade and my youngest will be 4 next month. Kendall (The Oldest) has been having her moments. It might just be that she is half way through a two week winter brake.She is also getting more time with her friends and I think trying to show off. What ever it is I am trying to nip it in the butt now before it gets worse. Jaz is acting worse then her older sister. OMG she looks so sweet but she is so mean. I am about at my end with her. I just don’t know what else I can do. I am hoping to get her acting better in this new year.
Ok so I had a friend that I have known for about 90% of my life, 22 years. She was the kind of person that had a huge heart and would do anything she could to help out a friend. It was the first time I had to go back to the area that I grew up at and didn’t want to be there. It was one of the hardest things I had to do. I mean really how do you say goodbye to a friend that was only 31 years old. Roads are slick when it rains out where I grew up. Most kids that grow up in the middle of know where learn the roads so well they can drive them with there eyes closed so she should have known what she was doing but SOMETHING happened. As you can tell I am still not dealing all that well with it.
I am going back to school. OMG it is only on line but still I am so freaked and excited. I know this is the right step for me. I cant keep doing these dead end teen jobs any more. I need something that I am going to enjoy and that is going to bring more money in. With two kids and only my Hubby working it is really hard on us. I am tired of not doing anything other then taking care of our apartment and our kids. I know it is a great thing to do as a mommy but I want to work too. One step at a time. That is all I can really do.
Before I take off to dream land here in just a few since in is 1230 am. I am so thankful this year for my loving Hubby who is also my best friend and the love of my life. Daddy takes care of me and does everything he can for myself and our girls. He is one of the best men I know and I am so very proud to be his wife. He works so hard for us and loves us so much. I could never thank him enough for what he does and the support that he gives me. Every crazy idea I try he is always right there standing next to me cheering me on.
Ok so I am getting really tired right now so I am going to head off to bed. I am going to try and blog more in 2015. Not to sure how it will go but I think writing more will help me out. Good night lovies stay safe. xoxo

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me and the love of my life!

Watching the Seahawks play Superbowl

me and the love of my life!